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Are you ready to walk in 2k17 ? Be very ready because this year is going to be a good year for all who is going to spend the rest of the year waking up early and walk their self to the future as the birds chipping follows to according to their marching . You know what’s good ? Maths Clinic has been plotting free classes since December and for 2k17 there’s several spot of our centre that we has been extended our FREE CLASSES FOR ANOTHER HALF OF MONTHS!If that deal wasn’t good enough for you let me give you another sweet deal . If you get yourself to our selected counter and register before midnight or New Year Eve you will get yourself 20 Percent discount from the package.And what to do with 20 percent of discount that you get back ? Treat yourself like a king for a day . You can get yourself a cup of Sangkaya Signature or even better a cup of Double Chocolaty Chip Creme Frappuccino or you can fill your tummy with McValue Lunch or Dinner.20% are not just enough ? Let we DOUBLE IT OR NOTHING!Walk in into our branch in Shah Alam and register yourself this January and you will get yourself a 50 percent of discount ! You only have to pay half from the usual price and the other half money you you’ve been saved is yours to keep ! Are we nuts ? Yes we are ! We are nuts because it’s our passion to educate Y generation . In Maths Clinic its not just a job it’s raw passion intertwined with effort and responsibilities ­čÖé










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