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Calculate 0% GST (click for full picture)

We shall demonstrate to you on how to calculate 0% GST properly and wrongly.

SENARAI PENURUNAN HARGA 0% GST (click for full picture)

Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa bermula 1 Jun 2018, pihak Maths Clinic akan menetapkan semula harga setiap pakej tuisyen kepada harga asal yang TIDAK termasuk GST. (Berikutan pengumuman kerajaan). Perlu dijelaskan bahawa hasil sesi penerangan dan kenal pasti yang telah dilakukan oleh Pegawai Agensi Kerajaan yang terlibat, maka penetapan adalah seperti berikut: Yuran bulan Mei dan bulan-bulan […]

Welcome to Maths Clinic Official Website

Hello everyone, its been awhile hasn’t it since we went offline? If you have missed us since our period of shutdown hope you’ll love us now! This is our official website, any news and events will be announced right here! So stay tuned, because we have an event coming up real close. Hope you enjoyed […]

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