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Latest News


SPM Seminar Preview!

Hello everyone, in conjuction with the upcoming ALL OUT! seminar, the Maths clinic will be having a preview event for the seminar. The best part is that this preview event is FREE for everyone! Maths clinic students or not, we encourage everyone to take participation in this preview event. Therefore we would gladly love to welcome […]


ALL OUT! SPM seminar

Hello everyone, The Maths Clinic will be having  another seminar for form 5 SPM students very soon… but this time we are going ALL OUT! to overcome the most difficult for examination in the high school era. This seminar will be conducted on an 80 hour period covering tips and hints for scoring SPM questions […]


Add Maths Seminar: Post Event

Hello Everyone, do you still remember the Add Maths seminar we held a few weeks back in Hulu Langat? we wanted to inform you how the event was a great success! Hence we from The Maths Clinic would like to thank everyone that joined and made this event a pleasure, without these participants the event wouldn’t been […]

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